dating young swingers

Overcome your Insecurity of Dating Young Swingers

Dating younger swingers can be intimidating for a whole lot of reasons. Yet, most of those reasons don’t have to do anything with the number that represents the age, but with our understanding of what the age difference assumes. What you read into the age gap defines your attitude towards younger swingers.  That can cause you to incorrectly assess lifestyle situations and miss out on plenty of fun opportunities.

Don’t assume you know what young swingers want

Yes, you have been as young as they are. Still, that doesn’t mean that your needs back then and their needs now are the same. For example, you may not have been into swinging at their age. Or, you may have been, but for different reasons and with different preferences.

While the age on your driver’s license may be older than you look or feel, they may feel or think of themselves as older than their age. Just as you are considering younger swingers to date, they may be looking for older swingers.

As far as you know, you may be just what they are looking for—the age you consider to be your disadvantage may be their selection criterion. The word “older” may ring in your ears loud enough to scare your confidence away. What if we replaced it with wiser, more experienced, mature, accomplished, or reliable?

All of the above can be sensual and sexual; as with any physical traits, you may feel you no longer have or the interests and ambitions you may have outgrown.

Remember the wonders you bring into the lifestyle.

Your age may be your advantage in the swinging dating market. Do not roll your eyes! Seriously, think about it. Your age may carry the experience and maturity that younger couples can be envious of.

At the same time, what makes you you is not how old you are. Your energy, curiosity, wits, sexual awareness, adventurous spirit, intellect, or humor are also a part of your appeal to other swingers.

Do an inventory of your traits, skills, and talents. When the magnifying glass is only above what we feel we miss, all the wonderful things that we do have seem small. We need to broaden our sight to encompass all that is interesting, fun, sensual, inspiring, and appealing about what we are.

Compensate for what you cannot change

If you feel like younger couples want more than you can offer – do some real research. Put in some extra effort to find out what it is that they want and ask them. If age is a relevant factor to them, try to understand why and how relevant it is.

Though we speak of “younger swingers” as a category, it’s important to remember that there are a lot of differences between individuals in the same age group. So take a moment and ask yourself – how many individuals or couples your age do you know that are exactly like you?

Younger swingers may also have a certain set of prejudice around their age. (which has nothing to do with you!) Their ideas of what you bring into a relationship may be totally off. You may be the first older person or couple in swinging they had a chance to meet or consider a swinging relationship with.

Use the opportunity to date younger swingers to learn more about ways you can expand your self-expression and broaden the scope of your experiences – not to put yourself down.

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